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A selection of only certified premium slicers with spare parts guaranteed over time

Discover Colella's product offer dedicated to retailers and showrooms

Kitchen equipment and utensils strictly designed and manufactured in Italy. Each product included in the Colella Selection is developed with certified raw materials and is suitable for both professional and private use.

The range of slicers and kitchen accessories on offer today is so wide that it confuses even the most knowledgeable consumer. In addition to features such as the type of cut, the intensity and safety of use as well as the size in the kitchen, there are others that are increasingly perceived as even more important such as style, design, ergonomics and above all ease of cleaning and maintenance.

In order to be able to guide the customer through this complex landscape, the retailer increasingly plays the role of a true purchasing advisor, a support that Colella regularly provides for all its business partners, guaranteeing a rapid product supply, an adequate supply of long-term spare parts and dedicated logistics that are always on time.


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Dedicated consultancy

Let us know what you need and we will help you choose the most suitable product for you. We support you with free dedicated advice for every type of use, space and budget available.

Live visit

With a simple video call, we will show you in detail the product of your interest to clarify any doubts and satisfy all your curiosity. Choose when to plan your live visit

Technical support

Wherever you are in the world, our Colella Virtual Assistance supports you at all times for any need for cleaning and maintenance of the product, helping you not to inadvertently damage it during routine operations

Why choose Colella



Colella is the official exporter and distributor of the Berkel and Colella brands without intermediaries. Priority Line in production, rapid procurement times.


Certified flywheel slicers, original, first choice and 100% Italian production


Tailor-made consultancy based on your usage, space and budget needs