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A slicer with old-world charm, compact and practical to maintain

The flywheel is today a trendy icon: a design element that frames the style of a place, of its diners, an increasingly appreciated piece of furniture.

The manual slicer is a symbol of authenticity. The mechanical symphony that is created at each turn of the flywheel slows down the pace of frenzy, enclosing a charm of other times. A practical tool for obtaining a precise and impeccable cut of cured meats that is very easy to clean.


Production 2023

Custom Made

Berkel vintage slicers

Our Pluses


Dedicated consultancy

Let us know what you need and we will help you choose the most suitable product for you. We support you with free dedicated advice for every type of use, space and budget available.

Live visit

With a simple video call, we will show you in detail the product of your interest to clarify any doubts and satisfy all your curiosity. Choose when to plan your live visit

Technical support

Wherever you are in the world, our Colella Virtual Assistance supports you at all times for any need for cleaning and maintenance of the product, helping you not to inadvertently damage it during routine operations

Colella & Berkel

flywheel TestaRossa

maximum performance, minimum effort, flawless cut

The Berkel and Colella flywheel slicers combine the charm of a Redhead with the extreme functionality of 100% made in Italy manufacturing.

The top quality materials allow for a flawless cut and phenomenal cleaning speed.

Excellent allies in the kitchen. Volano slicers enhance the style of the surrounding spaces, from the classic to the most modern ones, giving the environment a sophisticated and timeless charm.

Why choose Colella



Colella is the official exporter and distributor of the Berkel and Colella brands without intermediaries. Priority Line in production, rapid procurement times.


Certified flywheel slicers, original, first choice and 100% Italian production


Tailor-made consultancy based on your usage, space and budget needs

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